Objectophilia Bodysuit


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Assert dominance and unleash your inner alpha, as you delve into the underworld with no return. Offering flashes of bold cut-outs and geometric lines, it’s no wonder this masterpiece will remain a dark classic, instantly establishing the wearer’s authority. ‘Objectophilia’ offers the perfect amount of coverage to be worn as a severe fashion choice, yet flaunts just the right amount of skin to be considered an erotic staple. This show-stopping halter is made of vegan leather, featuring busts with cut-out peeps designed to create a rounder, uplifted effect for the chest area. With a flattering high-rise cut that elongates the legs and a flirtatious T-shaped bottom, this wondersuit is a perfect balance of erotic mystery and absolute supremacy. Bodysuit offers full sizing flexibility to conform to the shape of the wearer - both length and width for top and bottom are fully adjustable. Pair with naughty bondage accessories for extra sense of danger.
*One size, fully adjustable, fits 8-12. Hand wash only. Leave to air dry. 

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Objectophilia Bodysuit