Molly Would Bodysuit Set


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Simplicity at its finest, ‘Molly Would’ is the perfect example of ‘less is more’ - the effortless, minimal way to create the utmost sensually charged impact. The beauty of this garment is that it is filled with endless contradictions. ‘Molly Would’ is both erotically carefree, yet elegantly controlled; it sports a modern aesthetic yet remains a timeless classic. This exquisite bodysuit features straps crossing over the chest and oriental chantilly lace between the cleavage for a soft, sophisticated touch. The straps extend towards the back, and cross over again to form a playful, string bottom. It is also possible to wear this bodysuit over a bra or bralette for a layered look. To create a more detailed aesthetic, the ‘We Barely Touched’ High Waisted suspenders are added to the ‘Molly Would.’ Stockings not included.
*One Size, fits 8-12. Hand wash recommended. Leave to air dry.

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Molly Would Bodysuit SetMolly Would Bodysuit Set