Fine Lines Bodysuit


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Simplicity is brilliance in ‘Fine Lines.’ Erotically-charged and tastefully experimental, this captivating one-piece is an impressive manipulation of striking bold lines that create a visually modern, cage-like aesthetic. Designed to exhibit, flatter and accentuate your form, it features a supreme high rise cut and bold underbust band, leaving the sides from bust down completely bare creating a hourglass effect. The raciness continues onto a sensually minimal back-view - simple spaghetti straps, an underbust band merging into a single, g-string strap. Sizing is adjustable with the shoulder straps. Recommended to be paired with thigh-high, sheer stockings to intensify seductive appeal.  
*One size, fits 6-14. Hand wash only. Leave to air dry. 

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Fine Lines BodysuitFine Lines BodysuitFine Lines BodysuitFine Lines BodysuitFine Lines Bodysuit