Clair De Lune Black Robe


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In a daze or a dream? ‘Clair de Lune’ is an utmost romantic, designated for the ultimate dream-girl. A piece borrowed from the night sky, glistening stars are scattered throughout this bewitchingly sheer tulle garment. It truly defines endless versatility - the robe can be adorned as outerwear or simply worn by itself as a sensual garment to light up the bedroom. The liberating nature of ‘Claire de Lune’ is enhanced with its flowy choir-boy sleeves, allowing the wearer to enjoy its illuminating charm and light comfortness. Sizing and adjustments can be made with strings attached on the waistline.
*One size fits all. *Pasties & bottoms not included. *Hand wash only. Lay flat to dry. 

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Clair De Lune Black Robe