Lookbook Studio 54 & the Magic of Transformation

Dear Dreamers,
Hello, welcome, and behold!
We are so ecstatic to announce that we have finally brought to life our visions and concepts of giving women the opportunity to live, breathe, and indulge in complete and total fantasy living. Escape to an alternate universe of nonsensical sensuality, mythical enchantment, and pure ecstasy that blurs the lines between dream living and the real with the world.  

For our first lookbook, we thought it would be relevant to have a theme that ties together all the diverse styles of Cloud Blvd. garments, and what better theme is there than Studio 54? Long gone but never forgotten, it’s legacy still lives on today. Forget being the most rich, the most famous or even the most beautiful. Taking New York and even the entire world’s nightlife by storm, the club opened in 1977 by partners in crime Steve Rubell and Ian Schrager. However, it wasn’t just a nightclub. It had a serious, no-nonsense fashion jurisdiction which dictated who could gain entry and who should keep out.  

“You look insane! Come in.”

“A suit? This isn’t work. Sorry, no entry! Try next time” The doorman would shout to the sea of crowds who would flock to the doors as soon as it would open. Entry policies were solely based on style. People had never heard such a thing. If you were daring enough and showed it by dress, you were in!

The result? It was a gathering of the worlds most hedonistic, and glamorous thrill seekers from all walks of life. During a time of social unrest and divide; class, race and gender meant nothing in the world of 54. The one thing uniting everyone together was this innate love for night time adventures, escape from normality and simply just to enjoy the essence of life’s spontaneity, all with the adornment of glitz and glamour.

The eclectic mix of the crowds would have been unimaginable by today’s standards. Divisions and lines, hierarchies and rules were all but blurred and therefore non-existent. The average everyday Joe, once gained entry, could be finding himself pumping dance moves next to a dazed, eccentric Andy Warhol, sharing a couch with Mick Jagger or exchanging intimate glances with the world’s first supermodel, Gia Carangi.

Other notable names of the day who were frequent visitors of the irresistible and raucous nightclub was Calvin Klein, Bruce Jenner, Al Pacino, Salvador Dali, Freddie Mercury, Lou Reed, David Bowie, Donald Trump, Elizabeth Taylor, and Michael Jackson to name a few. However, the big name doesn’t always guarantee entry. Take president John F. Kennedy’s children for instance, or even pop art king Andy Warhol at a few stages were even denied access.

With our Lookbook 54, we aim to not only pay tribute but to re-capture and bring back to colour its bedazzling phenomena. The Debbie Harry Halter Top in gold paired with Kill City Latex Leggings is a classic, 1970s disco goddess look to channel your inner starlet.  

For a more modern, jewel-embedded bedazzlement, go for the stunning City Never Sleeps top and bottoms.

Want to stick to simplicity but still have that WOW factor? Do it like how they would at 54 and embrace maximum sultriness. The Wild America Fluffy Pasties is a wild choice, paired with the sparkly silver Happy House Bottoms and the Delphyne Is Not A Myth silver horns. 


Similar to Cloud Blvd. eclecticism was such a crucial key element to Studio 54’s main message. You could meet anyone, be anyone, in this third-dimension. People felt as though they could do anything, so anything could happen.

And everything did happen, all because of the magic of transformation, everything was possible and is. This is what Cloud Blvd. is all about. It’s not about who you are, but who you want to be.

Calling on all dreamers who never want to be woken, Cloud Blvd. xx